a family living with many QRazy.fun labels

QRazy.fun Log: here's what I'm doing with this project

Fixed an error that caused the date and time in the View Edit History to be incorrect. All edits made prior to 2023-07-13T21:49Z will show the date/time *after* the file was changed, not the date/time of the edit.
Hide the view edit history interface for tags that have never been edited.
Tag history is now working. From the tag editing page, you can choose any historical version and see the tag content from that time. Good for fixing silly mistakes.
Healing is proceeding, if slowly. It hurts less to type, but sitting is still hard. I'm working on tag history.
Fell off a truck and fractured my right wrist. Updates will be delayed while I learn to type one-handed.
Added descriptions of labels, tags, and Secrets to the QRazy.fun home page.
Listings have now been implemented.
Added descriptions of labels, tags, and Secrets to the QRazy.fun home page.
Search had an arcane bug that is now squashed. Still just two lines, but they're even more inscrutable. For the curious who speak perl:
my $index = `grep -lz "^$hashedSecret" tags/???????? | xargs grep -Fi '$searchString' | grep -v "^tags/........:\\(public\$\\)\\|\\($hashedSecret\$\\)"`;
$index =~ s|^tags/([A-Za-z0-9_-]{8}):(.*)|<a href=https://QRazy.fun/$1>$2</a>|gm;

(Getting the quoting right has turned my hair grey.)
Search is working. Remarkably, the code to search all the tags and format the output for the web page was only two (inscrutable) lines of code.
I'm working on searching.
The problem with RSS seems to be related to the lack of standardization for RSS 2.0 and is not fixable without breaking the log page into multiple pages, which I don't want to do. Instead, I have just changed the RSS feed to offer complete "articles" (as they're very short) so there shouldn't ever be a need to request summaries.

Added Easy Mode description to answers.
Added an RSS feed to the site. Unfortunately, there is something wonky in the feed in that some readers fetch the wrong text for their summary even though you go to the right place if you ask the reader to display the original article. I'm working on it.
Added a favicon.
When you tried to edit a brand-new tag when you don't yet have a Secret, and you went to acquire that new Secret, you then had to immediately re-type the Secret to edit your new tag. QRazy.fun now remembers and pre-fills the secret for you so you can get right to editing.
Mailed my first set of trial labels to a beta tester today.
Finally sent out invitations to beta testers -- then the server went down for about 20 minutes, naturally.
Moved some answers from random wall-o-text pages to the definitive wall-o-answers.
Expanded the Coming Attractions and Use Cases pages. I also added display of the last edit date when displaying a tag, and I updated the Markdown examples to show strikethrough text.
I had marked the site as open for beta testing, and even invited my father-in-law to start using it, when I realized that I had too many walls-o-text but still had more that I wanted to stay. So I've reorganized the site, adding a navigation bar to the home page and breaking out the privacy, use-case, coming attractions, and other sections. I added this log page and a question-and-answer page. Once the re-org is almost done (it's never completely done), I'll send out invites.

I also noticed that the Markdown library I employed supports almost everything I commonly use except strikethrough text. There's a common Markdown extension that uses ~~this format~~ to render strikethrough. Since it only took one line of code ($tagContent =~ s|~~(.*?)~~|<strike>$1</strike>|gs;), I've added it.

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