a family living with many QRazy.fun labels

Use Cases: what kinds of qrazy things are we doing with QRazy.fun?

a jar in my freezer with a QRazy.fun  labelIt was probably close to ten years ago that I had the idea to build a little box with a single big button. I wanted it to sit on my kitchen counter and when I hit the button it would spit out a label with just a date and time, ready to stick on the container I was putting in the refrigerator or freezer. I made a couple of prototypes, but I couldn't find a printer that would print a pre-peeled sticky label. It did occur to me, though, that I could pre-print bar codes and then assign a date stamp when they were scanned. So Use Case #1: date stamps is using QRazy.fun to assign a date and time (along with a description) of containers I'm putting in the refrigerator or freezer.

thumb drives in a carousel each with a QRazy.fun flag-style label Use Case #2: media labels. Disk drives, particularly thumb drives, need labels. Just try to use text labels! They're too small to describe what's on the drive, and too difficult to change when the drive's content gets updated or completely changed.

(If you're interested in these carousel thumb-drive organizers, I printed them using a 3D printer.)

a cable with a QRazy.fun flag label Use Case #3: cable labels. I have lots of cables in my home. Lots. I have over a hundred Ethernet switch ports and, until I retired in 2022, most of them were filled. I have cables running through the house, from one slot on the rack to another, between devices, from power strips to devices, sometimes through uninterruptible power supplies. It can be more than challenging to figure out where a given cable goes or comes from. It's nice to have a QRazy.fun label at each end so I can be sure I'm unplugging the right cord when I'm removing a device from the mix.

pool controller with a QRazy.fun label Use Case #4: mini instructions. I have a pool pump timer that occasionally needs its clock set or the time adjusted. Sure, I have a scanned copy of the manual on my phone, but I always forget where it's filed and I have to look through the dozens of pages of small, fuzzy print to find the two or three operations I use frequently. Now there's a QRazy.fun sticker in the equipment cabinet that takes me to a tag that tells me just what I need to know. On the refrigerator whose water-filter replacement procedure is just a tad too complicated. Also my powered stand-up desk, which has a reset procedure that isn't even documented on the internet.

Use Case #5: checklists. I have an emergency backup generator that has to be test fired three times a year and comes into use whenever there's an extended power failure. Conditions are always bad when I need to use it, and the procedure for safely switching over from grid power isn't trivial. There's a laminated checklist on the generator, but it's often in the dark with pouring rain or in direct blazing sun when I need it. Much easier to scan a QRazy.fun label and review the checklist while standing in a sheltered area.

Use Case #6: old photographs. I just ran across an old family photo -- you know, the ones from last century that are printed on paper -- and realized that my children might some day want to know more about it. A sentence or two scrawled on the back probably wouldn't help, but a QRazy.fun label will let me add a paragraph of rich description.

What are you doing with QRazy.fun?

I would love to know what interesting and creative uses you have found for QRazy.fun. Drop me a line and let me know what you're doing!

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