a family living with many QRazy.fun labels

Coming Attractions: the future of QRazy.fun

Here is what I have planned for QRazy.fun. Of course, there's no guarantee that I'll do any of this, but I think I've done okay so far. You can watch the log to get an idea of where I'm directing my efforts.

private tags
Right now, anybody can scan your QRazy.fun labels and view the tag. Most of the time, that's probably what you want. There might be times, though, when you only want to be able to see the tag yourself. When private tags are implemented, you'll be able to mark a tag so that it can only be viewed by using your Secret.
secret tags
Secret tags will be even more private: they will be end-to-end encrypted. They can only be viewed by someone with a key, and only be edited with the key and your Secret. Not even I, the all-powerful purveyor of QRazy.fun, will be able to view the content of your secret tags. This will require the use of Javascript in your browser, which other features of QRazy.fun don't require.
custom printing
I have a prototype printing page that lets you customize label size, margins, spacing, QR code size, code count, and repeating -- but it's ugly. I hope to clean it up, find a way to let people save configurations (preferably without creating an account), and make it available to the public so people with need for unusual labels, or those who simply have printers that don't do the normal thing with .pdf files, can still print their labels.
labels by mail
If I hear from multiple people that printing just isn't working for them, I plan on starting a labels-by-mail service.

Completed items

tag history (implemented 04July2023)
You will soon be able to see historical versions of tags (if you have the Secret) to see what edits have been made.
listing (implemented 28May2023)
You will be able to list all the tags that you have created that are associated with your Secret.
searching (implemented 25May2023)
You will be able to search through all your tags.
date stamping (implemented 09May2023)
You will soon be able to see the date and time when a tag was last edited.

Do you have ideas of features you would like to see implemented in QRazy.fun? Drop me a line and I'll consider them. Do bear in mind, though, that this is a very part-time hobby, plus one of my goals is to keep QRazy.fun extraordinarily simple, so ideas that require Javascript, for example, are likely right out.

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