a family living with many QRazy.fun labels

Get Yourself Some QRazy.fun Tags... and a Secret!

I hate barriers. I wish you could just print some labels, then start scanning them and having crazy-fun. The problem is that people could (and would -- this is the internet, after all) abuse this service. You need to be able to edit your QRazy.fun tags, but you don't want some miscreant anywhere on the Web to be editing your tags. So you need a Secret to be able to unlock and edit your tags.

Your Secret will come with a mess of tags that you can create. If you're running low on available tags, come back here and you can add tags to your secret. They're free, and I hope to keep them that way. No cost, no tracking, no advertising.

If you already have a QRazy.fun Secret...

...but are running out of tags for it, then enter your existing Secret here:
and then

If you don't have a QRazy.fun Secret, or want to generate a new one...

with some free tags attached.

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