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Privacy: we can't sell/leak/trade/disclose what we don't know

No cookies, though at some point in the future we might let you choose to add a cookie to help you remember your Secret.
There are no accounts. There are no usernames, email addresses, nor passwords. We won't ask you for the name of your first-grade teacher's pet poodle. Nothing to be breached, stolen, tracked, analyzed, or sold. There is only your Secret. We don't even keep that, just a cryptographic hash of your Secret.
personal information
We don't ask for any. We don't keep any. We don't sell any. The only information we keep is the information you enter for tags, and we only use that when someone asks us to display scanned tags. We normally don't even log IP addresses, though we might have to occasionally turn on IP address logging if, say, we're being attacked and need to mitigate it.
If we were going to use annoying, content-obscuring pop-ups, this would be one.
Nope. None.
Eventually, when we launch secret tags, we'll use javascript to implement end-to-end encryption. Nothing else.
We don't track.
Once you've created a tag, you should be able to edit it. Only you. To make sure nobody else edits your tags, you will be given a four-word Secret. You'll need that Secret if you ever want to edit, modify, list, or search your tags.

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